Worship Services and Resources

To the best of my knowledge, the worship services and resources posted here either are in the public domain or have been given permission to be used since they are found on multiple public web sites. However, I am far from an expert. If you find a copyright error, please send the correct verifiable copyright information to the Missionary Institute (info@missionaryinstitute.org) and I will make the necessary changes. Please note that in some cases reference is made to different hymnals. Often the words of the hymns, prayers, or responsive readings are in the public domain, but the particular musical or liturgical arrangement in a hymnal is copyrighted, and that copyright should be respected. Thank you! The resources posted here are purely for informational and study purposes. If you use them in a worship service, you are responsible for respecting copyrights. My suggestion would be to join CCLI (Church Copyright License, us.ccli.com) and/or get Lutheran Service Builder. The cost is low, and you as a church won’t have to worry about copyrights. 

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